Your hopes for the future

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I’m sharing the beginning of my community-focused portrait project. It was initially inspired by the outcome of the EU referendum and the divide that’s arisen. I felt motivated to forge connections with people I’d yet to meet from my community. Along the way, I’ve invited people to sit for a portrait and then asked them to respond to the question “what are your hopes for the future?” as part of a very informal recorded interview. Each of my encounters has served as a small step towards strengthening my sense of community and I hope others too.

My aim is to continue meeting with and photographing new faces.  I’ve come to see the project as a portrait of the here and now, a modern snapshot of the surrounding area. I am working amongst a collective of photographers known as Aspect Collective and we are each producing our own project, we have ambitions of displaying our combined efforts in a group exhibition later this year. I would also like to exhibit this particular project local to me and allow for those that have participated the chance to view the outcome.  

If you feel you would be interested in participating then please get in touch. 

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